We're Kono Analytics

What we do

Our knowledge of cloud-based computing platforms, programming languages, and visualization tools uniquely positions us to design and build solutions that address a wide scope of challenges. We build stand-alone applications, glue logic between existing systems, analytical deep dives, and even fully customized CRM systems.

Methodology: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure eliminate the requirement to invest in expensive hardware or maintain an army of IT professionals and a dedicated data room.

Tools: Databases (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL), Development Languages (Python, R, CSS, SQL), Data Visualization (Bokeh, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Domo, plotly).

How do we do it

Kono Analytics institutes Data Stewardship, develops Process Automation, and delivers Actionable Insight to your business.

Data Stewardship: Securely capturing, cleaning, storing, and serving public and private data enables analysts to seize business opportunities.

Process Automation: Take advantage of centralized and reliable data by automating the creation and delivery of your most time consuming reports.

Actionable Insight: Apply statistical rigor to A/B testing, optimize processes, use artificial intelligence to make predictions, run simulations to project outcomes, build interactive executive dashboards, cluster results to understand trends.

Who we are

Jonathan Bennett Principal Consultant Business Strategist

Why you should work with Kono Analytics

We know you’re unique

We develop custom solutions to solve your business pains and cultivate opportunities

We're ahead of the curve

We help businesses develop and implement an analytics strategy based upon the latest technologies

Evidence-Based Approach

We believe in the power of data science to supplement subject matter expertise