Data Stewardship

Data Warehousing is no longer exclusively for Fortune 100 companies. The cloud is democratizing access to rich sources of data at a fraction of the cost and effort. Don't compromise -- capture your data and store it in a secure, centralized location. The effect will be widespread and immediate.

Case Study: Solar Performance Guarantee Cost

Case Study: Using Public Data to Complement Proprietary Data

Process Automation

Replace hours of time in Excel, e-mail, and PowerPoint with algorithms that run automatically. Concentrate on the content of your report instead of the process of generating it.

Case Study: Capturing Competitive Intelligence

Actionable Insight

Optimization Algorithms, Monte Carlo Simulations, Predictive Analysis, Discrete Event Simulation, Data Visualization. Once you square away your data and free up your time with process automation then you can really start to understand your business and separate yourself from your competitors.

Case Study: Customer Churn Simulation